Rytr AI Writing Tool Review – Why It is the Best Affordable Content Writing Software

Rytr AI Writing Tool Review

Rytr Review [Nov 2022]

Everyone loves writing content. It’s a natural way to communicate and build relationships and can be a great way to make a living. But writing content can be daunting, especially if you’re not a writer. That’s where the Rytr AI writing tool comes in. This affordable content writing software is designed specifically for people who want to write content but don’t have the writing skills or time required to do so on their own. Rytr AI writer helps you write quality content quickly and easily without prior writing experience.

So if you’re looking for a way to create quality content quickly and easily, keep on reading.

Rytr: AI Writing Assistant Tool

In this Rytr AI writing tool review, we will look at its features, pros and cons, pricing, my favorite tools, and more.

– Afroz Ahmad

Ease of Use
Output Quality
Product Updates


The Rytr AI content writing tool is a fantastic choice if you need a simple and cost-effective solution. Rytr’s user-friendly interface and wide range of tools make it a great writing companion for authors of all skill levels.
On top of that, Rytr’s strength and usability have steadily increased thanks to regular product updates. Rytr is a perfect choice if you need a content writing solution that is both cost-effective and produces high-quality, usable outputs.


Rytr Specs (Useful Information)

Monthly Pricing Plan: Free, Saver(9$ per month), and Unlimited (29$ per month)
Language Support: 30+
Short Form Templates: 40+
Tones of Voice: 20+
Commands like Expand/Improve/Rephrase/Magic/Plagiarism Check has a character Limit of 300
Rytr API: Rytr has an API that you can use to integrate AI writing capabilities into your apps & workflows.
Team Management: You can have additional seats for your team. Currently, it costs 19$ per month.

Rytr Pros and Cons


Rytr uses custom AI, which is why it produces unique and human-friendly content. The content that is made is of good quality and needs little or no editing before it can be used.
Rytr AI has a user-friendly interface that is even good for new writers.
Rytr is an excellent choice for short-form or marketing content.
Rytr has an inbuilt SERP analysis feature that is good for generating blog ideas and outlines.
When coming up with blog ideas and outlines, you can link your Semrush account to get better keyword suggestions.
Generous free tier (up to 10k words) and unlimited option for just 29$/month.
Inbuilt Plagiarism checker.
There are some additional writing options. When you select some text on the writing canvas, you can use tools like Command (to turn any input into instruction for AI), paragraph, improve, rephrase, continue writing, AI image, expand, shorten, and append.
API and Chrome extensions are available.
You can make your own custom templates, which is a great way to write highly targeted, niche-specific content.
Responsive chat and email support.


No option to choose other AI providers, like AI21, Cohere, GPT-J, etc
There is no option to choose a custom tone of voice; for example, you cannot write like Jordan Peterson.
The input field is somewhat limited to only 100-300 characters across templates, which is sometimes less to feed AI with all the relevant information.
Although the free tier is generous, some of the options, like custom templates, are only available for paid users.
There is no step-by-step option like Blog-Wizard in copy.ai, Wizard in Contentbot, or Cruise Mode in Scalenut.

What is the Rytr AI writing tool?

The Rytr is a content generation software that uses custom (not GPT3) artificial intelligence to write high-quality articles. You can use it for multiple purposes, such as website copy, blog posts, social media posts, emails, reviews, etc.

It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to get started while still providing a wealth of features and tools.

Additionally, Rytr AI is affordable, making it a great choice for people on a budget.

Who is the Rytr AI writer for?

The Rytr AI writer is a great option for content writers, small businesses, bloggers, digital marketers, etc. It is easy to use and has a minimalist interface, making it suitable for novice users just starting with AI writing assistant tools.

Rytr 3rd Party Reviews

I have compiled 3rd party reviews from Trustpilot, G2, and Appsumo.

At the time of this writing, it has the following reviews:

Review Websites and StarsSummary of Review and Link
Trustpilot Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars, Reviewed by more than 1500 people. Check Trustpilot Reviews.
G2 Reviews
4.7 out of 5 stars, Reviewed by more than 600 people. Check G2 reviews.
Appsumo Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars, reviewed by more than 1100 people. Check Appsumo reviews.
Rytr Review on 3rd party Websites

Rytr Review – What are the unique features of the Rytr?

Some of the unique features of Rytr are:-

  • Magic Command – This is similar to the Jasper and Shortly AI command feature that lets you command AI to write about anything you want.
  • Inbuilt SEO functionality (powered by SEMrush) to find valuable keywords.
  • Other commands like Expand/Shorten/Rephrase/Improve a whole paragraph up to 300 characters at the click of a button.
  • Inbuilt Plagiarism checker.
  • WordPress and Shopify plugin and Chrome extension.
  • Rytr API to connect to any third-party applications.
  • Ability to create Custom templates.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr pricing is very reasonable, making it a great option for small businesses and individuals.

Free Plan

The free plan has a character limit of 10k per month. However, this can be increased by writing reviews and sharing your content on social media sites like Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Saver Plan

The Saver plan costs $9/month, and you can avail yourself of an extra two months free if you subscribe to the yearly plan. You can write up to 100K characters per month which are more than enough for light to medium users.

Unlimited Plan

Finally, the Unlimited plan costs $29/per month. It gives you unlimited access to all features in Rytr’s platform, including generating as much content as necessary.

How to get started with Rytr?

So to get started, you just need to open chrome or any other browser on your computer. You can use these steps to generate content with Rytr faster.


Required Tools:

– A Computer and browser.

Steps to create content with Rytr:

Rytr Account create
Step 1

Create a free account by login into Rytr. me and selecting “Start Ryting”

Rytr Account create
Step 2

Choose a method to create an account; rytr will send you a verification code once you enter the right code, you can Log in to the app with your email address and login code.

How to get started with Rytr
Step 3

Once you are logged in, select a new document, or you can create a new folder first and then create a new document.

Rytr Content Creation Step
Step 3.1

Select the language from the left menu: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and more.

Rytr Content Creation Step
Step 3.2

Select a tone: you can choose between a professional or casual writing style depending on your purpose (e.g., marketing vs. content).

Rytr Content Creation Step
Step 3.3

Choose your use case from the drop-down; based on that use case, you will see other fields appear. For example, if you select “Blog Ideas and Outline,” the tool will ask for additional information like keywords.

Rytr Content Creation Step
Step 3.4

Choose your Primary keyword; for example, I have taken “Content Marketing.”

Rytr Content Creation Step
Step 3.5 & 3.6

Select the number of variants and Creativity level. If you are not sure about this, just leave it as default.

Rytr Content Creation Steps
Step 3.7

Now click “Ryte for me” and wait for your content to appear on the right side of the canvas.

Rytr Content Creation Steps
Step 8

If you want more text, you can further select a portion of the text, and the editor will give you more options, as shown above. I normally select the paragraph option at this stage, and then the Rytr will write the complete paragraph for you.

What are my favorite tools inside Rytr?

Rytr has a lot of helpful tools. My favorites are:-

  • I mainly use Rytr to rephrase or improve a paragraph and make it more catchy. I like how you select the text, and then all options to improve a sentence or paragraph appear. It is very handy and useful when writing reviews, emails, or short-form content.
  • Rytr also has a magic command feature that lets you command AI to write about anything you want, similar to Jasper (I use this one all the time).

Recent Product Updates

  • AI Image
  • Dark Mode
  • Useful Blogposts To Enhance Your Workflow.
  • API
  • Continue Ryting feature

Check out their latest updates.

Rytr Alternatives

Some of Rytr alternatives are:-


With Rytr AI, writing content has never been easier or faster. It comes with a plagiarism checker and multiple tones of voice to ensure your content is unique and engaging. Rytr AI is the best affordable content writing software because it provides high-quality results with a low learning curve. Whether a small business or a startup, Rytr AI is a great tool for content writing that you won’t regret investing in.

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